1. The culmination of the tournament is of couse the Closing Ceremony and Prize Presentation which takes place on Saturday, 31th March, 18.00 p.m, at Vendas de Azeitão Hall, when the last finals have been played.

All players and participants must be present and with the right kind of music we create the perfect atmosphere - ceremonious, relaxed and intense at the same time.

All clubs/teams will march into the hall with their national or club flag. We also encourage participants to appear in their particular team outfit.


2. Club leaders/officals are invited to a leaders meeting on the 29th March, 9.00 p.m, with a presence of a national team coach.


3. We'll prepair a Musical Show, with both traditional and modern music, for a very entertained evening on the 30th March, starting at 9.00 p.m.


4. We'll help you programming and visiting some of the most interesting places in Azeitão and Setúbal (District Capital) - check tourist information on this site.


5. You can use Azeitão Local Swimming Pool for free at a specific schedule.