About Azeitão 

The best of two worlds in a iluminated land

This is Azeitão, a magical village tha breathes the tranquility and the charm of a land with bountiful gifts: the renowned Azeitão cheese, the famous muscatel wine, and the delicies pastries. Here, we are immersed in a certain rural charm wich extends all the way to the mountain slopes of Arrábida and that invades our senses. Immediately afterwards, we find ourselves at the capital of the district - Setúbal - with busy streets during the yhe day and the rhythm and pulse of a capital city during the nigth. 
Welcome to the Borough of Setúbal. Welcome to the best that Portugal has to offer.
Azeitão is the designation normally usually given to refer to a group of villages among wich Vila Nogueira and Vila Fresca are the main tourist locations. For centuries, Azeitão ws one of the portuguese aristocracy's favoutite regions and still today possesses buildings and monuments of significant historical relevence.
Under the shadow of  Arrábida Mountain, Azeitão has been inhabited fr thousands of years, though it was mainly since 15th century tha it gained influence, with the arrival of noble families.
Azeitão greatest assets are the peaceful, bucolic scenery with the weigth of history patent in every building, the hospitable people that live here and, above all, the gastronomicas deligths it has to offer.