The tournement plan will be fixed after the registration's closing. 

Azeitão Handball Fest will be played according Federação Andebol de Portugal Rules, with the followed exceptions:
1. If two teams have an identical number of points after «poule» matches, following order of priority will be use to determinate how teams move on:
a) Goal difference in mutual match;
b) Best positive goal difference;
c) Most scored goals;
d) Less goals conceded;
2. In case of a draw, after regular time, finals or semi-finals will have an extra time of 2x3'. If draw subsists, will have a new extra time of 1x3', and more if necessary, until one of the teams win the match.
3. A player only can be registrated in one team.
4. Maximum 14 players can be use in one match.
5. The list of participants delivered on the team check-in, after being validate by Tournament Management, will be use in all matches. 
All players must be able to present a valid identification card at the request of the Tournament Management (preferably with a photo, for instance a passport).
6. The ball size acoording to age groups are:
    Group A - Ball Size 3 - 58-60 cm
    Group B - Ball Size 2 - 54-56 cm
    Group C and D - Ball Size 1 - 50-52 cm
7. Match duration accoording to age groups are:
    Group A - 2 times 25 minutes
    Group B and C - 2 times 20 minutes
    Group D - 2 times 15 minutes
8. In case of two teams wearing outfits with the same colours, the last mentioned team is to change jerseys.
9. In case of penalty throw, the time will not automatically be stopped.
10. Timeout is not used in the tournament.
11.Protests must be handed in to the Tournament Management ONE HOUR after the end of the match at the latest. Protests are to be delivered in writing along with a protest fee of 50 €. If the protest is approved, the fee will be returned.
12. A direct exclusion/red card will automatically result in at least one match’s quarantine. The quarantine will be applied for the next following match.